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Custom Backsplash

Backsplashes that are taller than 3 inches are considered custom. Please indicate any area that you would like custom backsplashes on your drawing. Also, include the dimensions of the custom backsplash area.

When choosing natural or engineered stone countertops, keep in mind that a matching stone backsplash provides a beautiful and protective surface to the wall area where the countertops meet the back wall. A custom backsplash will provide an easy to care for surface and years of protection for 
wall areas directly behind cooktop surfaces that are exposed to heat, steam, food splatters and grease.

Standard Backsplashes

Having a standard 3" backsplash on other wall surfaces not only adds a finishing and elegant touch to your counters, it also provides protection for accidental spills. All of GMSD's backsplashes are custom measured and fabricated to fit your kitchen. If you are unsure which type of backsplash best fits your needs, contact one of our Stone Specialists.

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