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Hi Michelle, we are extremely happy with our countertops. Your selection of product was all encompassing and your state of the art in house measuring team did a wonderful job of nailing our out of square kitchen. The final install looks amazing. Your whole team gives hope for us consumers who are constantly worrying about being taking advantage of during the expensive renovation process. Noreen and I highly recommend your team and product to anyone looking at renovating.
Thanks for everything.

Robert Bidder

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Super amazing experience getting our counters installed! It’s been fabulous working with you guys, through the choice process, to the knowledge and info on all the stones, it’s been a blast! Plus no matter what everyone was always super happy every time we talked or came in! I seriously highly recommend Granite Mountain :) we will send pictures of the kitchen once we have a few more things finished :) But seriously thank you everyone for everything!

Samantha Graham

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Please know we are so pleased with the outcome Amy of the Alaska White counter tops in the Johnston kitchen.  The Johnstons are over the moon with them and Colleen still wants to hug them! No doubt Josh and Mike might have shared that detail with you after installation! They are beautiful and I have you to thank for patiently going through the exercise with me on layout options and getting to where they are exactly where I wanted them to be! So beautiful!  As promised, when the kitchen is complete, I will send you a few snaps for your records, and or pictorial promotion if so wish – Colleen has approved that! We have had several trades come through the house as we finish up and there have been so many compliments on the counters…they really look gorgeous. The craftmanship of Josh and Mike with precise eyes to detail was a delight and frankly getting harder to find in many professions. They were meticulous and such a treat to work with…so personable, polite, knowledgeable, and welcoming to Colleen’s inquisitive eyes! Both fellows are a shining example of what your company wishes to represent and are definitely outstanding ambassadors! Of course, although the shop personnel are unknown to me and remain nameless, I am well aware of the expertise and commitment to detail they exact in their work! Joshua’s attention to detail while templating, and the shop employees involved in the actual cuts inspire my gratitude as well! Such a lovely job! A concern was the tight fit of the existing stove into the space and a possible buff may have been necessary, but I can confirm that we did a dry-fit yesterday and the fit is like a glove! At this point there are no necessary modifications needed! I have detected one very small ‘jag’ just at the front edge of the long run and hopefully one day we could get it filled and polished out. It is teeny-tiny but has the potential to snag as it is quite sharp. But…where Josh and Mike filled and polished out the other bothersome pits is perfection! Please pass on our thoughts for their expertise and work, Amy…it truly is appreciated! I would be remiss if I did not mention that collaborating with you has been a delight! You have been so welcoming, knowledgeable, and accommodating to each and every one of my queries and requests. It has been an absolute pleasure, Amy! Thank you! I have received my statement and I will set in motion shortly E-transfer payment(s) with Aleesha and of course send her my note of appreciation as well… she too has been a treat to work with! I only have one request as we close out this project…please show this correspondence to your company owner, Amy. It is very important to me that he/they know about the very positive thoughts and well-deserved accolades most deserved for everyone involved! Thank you! I’ll close off for now Amy and I do hope to be working with you again in the near future! Wishing you a very happy spring and beyond!

Alex Todd Designs

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Putting Mountain Stone in my kitchen was THE most fun and exciting times ever!! HUGE assortment to choose from, precise cutting and install..if I had known granite was this affordable, I would have done this years ago...absolutely excellent, install and product 💖💖💖💖

Jill Whitford

Winnipeg, Manitoba