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Why should you buy from GMSD…

  1. 7 – 10 working day turnaround.
  2. We build an on-site template of your kitchen, to ensure a custom fit.
  3. Superior quality.
  4. GMSD written warranty.
  5. 1 year limited warranty.
  6. All profile edges are put on with a computerized CNC machine.
  7. The underside of all granite overhangs will feel smooth to the touch.
  8. Over 1000 slabs in inventory.
  9. Over 100 different colors to choose from.
  10. Reinforce potential break points with stainless steel flat bar.
  11. Rather than using glue, steel clips are inserted into the granite for bolting undermount sinks.
  12. If a seam is needed, we try to put one through the sink, eliminating a seam through a work area.
  13. 3 cm solid vs. 2 cm which makes our granite 1/3 thicker.
  14. Return quotes within 1 hours or less.
  15. Consistent and competitive pricing.
  16. 108 years in the granite industry.
  17. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
  18. Largest manufacturer of granite in North America.